A 6-leaf’d Clover teaches us “Dream bigger than big!” [video]…

As the sacred union between limitless Spirit and miraculous Nature, we, as human beings, are meant to experience the magnificent, the magickal, the miraculous – everything that defies logic, every day in our everyday life! It’s living life in alignment with our divine, true nature.

One of my favourite quotes, by Elbert Hubbard, beautifully expresses this: “The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.”. It’s so true!

The more light-hearted and playful we are about our desires, the more incredible the outcome we can receive, in pure co-creation. My guest Clover in this video perfectly exemplifies how much the Divine delights in giving us beyond our wildest dreams!


6-leaf'd clover AK


Join me near the flowing pristine McHugh Creek in Alaska as I sit with a vibrant patch of wild clover and bring you their powerful message. They certainly surprised me when I accepted their invitation (6 is also personally significant as I work with 6 sacred elements)!

Side note: You’ll also notice that, at one point, I actually sang something, which I didn’t realize I had, until I watched the recording afterwards! I literally burst in out loud laughter when I saw that! I never know what will come through me when I co-create these videos with Spirit and Nature, and this sudden little song exemplifies the light-heartedness that was infused in my tiny desire to find a four-leaf’d clover – and ended up receiving much more! So while it might seem “odd” (lol), I left it in the video, since it was obviously meant to be included!



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