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Nature and Spirit Love Hearts

Do you know how dearly loved and supported you are? When we open our hearts to love, we allow for greater connections and sacred relationship with all forms of life. These beautiful beings of Nature and Spirit (including Mother Earth and Elementals) often respond to our open, loving hearts by showing signs of love to us, as heart symbols throughout Nature and other environments.     Regardless where I’ve traveled on our glorious Mother Earth, I’ve received hearts of … [Read more...]

There’s always a surprise gift beyond the perspective “box”…

Winged bird dropping

There's always so much more to what we perceive... Have you ever been surprised by something, someone, or a situation that turned out to be so different than what you initially perceived them to be?  I recently encountered two reminders of why having a sense of wonder, curiosity and an ability to look outside our perspective "box" is so important AND beneficial for us, in all life situations. My first reminder was a light-hearted and simple experience. I was silently hiking on a … [Read more...]

CAPPED BRANCHLETS teach: Rewards of Trusting Processes [video]…


On our paths of life, it can seem like it would be so much simpler or better at times if we were handed a "road map" with every new experience, inspiration, or endeavor we choose to undertake... Clear step-by-step instructions on how to manifest an inspiration or vision within a specific time... Clear directions to navigate a new experience... A clear map indicating apparent roadblocks, detours, shortcuts, and smooth roads versus bumpy ones, to arrive at a desired result... But this … [Read more...]

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SPIDERS teach: Letting Go is Wise not “Failure”… [video]…

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As co-creators of our lives and this world, we're continuously focusing our energy ahead on beginnings, growth, expansion and evolving. However, when it comes to things that no longer serve us or appear to not have worked out (based on expectations or aspirations), we've been taught as a culture that it's not a positive thing - it's a "failure". Well, the spider has a different spin on this cultural view, which is not only wise but beneficial at all stages of human … [Read more...]

SONGBIRDS teach: YOUR Soul-Song is Your Purpose [video]…

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Have you ever noticed how uplifting the melodies of songbirds are to your spirit? Have you ever considered how their beautiful songs convey a very special message that your heart knows? Wherever I've been, through volunteer or paid work, vacation travels, networking or learning events, etc., it's so obvious to me who is doing the work they're meant to be doing, for they radiate joy and their energy is instantly uplifting and contagious to those around them. All services, professions, art … [Read more...]

SUNLIGHT teaches: Miraculous is our Love-Light [video]…

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You're more like the sun than you might realize!... Have you ever heard about how plants do so much better when you show them affectionate attention and loving appreciation in various ways? Have you ever wondered why that is, or considered that perhaps they respond to love the way they respond to sunlight? Now that there's visible sunlight all day and night here in Alaska, I recently enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the shore of the Knik Arm water channel that flows by Anchorage. As I watched … [Read more...]