Oo-la-la... During a very powerful meditation today (profound energies!), something unexpected showed up relating to the energies of Hawaii's sacred landscape and the Rainbows... I decided I absolutely needed a clear confirmation regarding an inquiry I had about this - so I requested a sign from Spirit that I would clearly recognize and couldn't dispute... Depending on what it is, I enjoy asking for signs outside of myself to see Spirit's infinite creativity in my environment (and I'm always … [Read more...]

It’s all a matter of perspective…


When caterpillars are ready to evolve to their next stage (the butterfly chrysallis or moth cocoon), they have a persistent drive to find the perfect location to transform. When I created an urban garden of native prairie plants that appealed to many species of butterflies, I saw firsthand that caterpillars will crawl incredible distances in that search! It was amazing to see. Many times they end up where it suddenly seems like a "dead end", but they persevere. From our own greater … [Read more...]



Do certain places call to your heart... to your soul?... For over a decade now, I've been travelling to places that "call" to me on Earth... it's not an intellectual process, but a "heart-feeling" one. Every time I've honoured that call when the right time announces itself, truly incredible experiences unfold and allow me to evolve and expand on so many levels... miracles and magick manifest beyond my wildest dreams...! A year ago I received a clear sign that it was time to experience … [Read more...]

The Universe LOVES to fill voids!…


If you find yourself desiring something new, or an upgrade on something you already have, here's a wonderful tip for you... The Universe LOVES to fill voids! It's a natural phenomenon that we can use to our advantage... To see this in action, simply look at Nature. Anyone who gardens or maintains a landscape knows that if we just let things go, pretty soon there's no space left. Everything becomes grown-in surprisingly quickly... After a large tree falls or a forest fire, it … [Read more...]

Anything & Everything IS POSSIBLE!…


In addition to "Miracles Of The Day", I feel inspired to also share different teachings that Nature provides us, so that they may inspire you on your own unique journey of life, as they have inspired me on mine... They might also expand your own awareness of the lessons that Nature provides UNIQUELY TO YOU... This one comes to mind as Spring advances, since I always feel that seeing my first bumblebee is a SURE sign that Spring has arrived!... And I find them so endearing... From many … [Read more...]



After a day of many, many WOW moments, I received this incredible image from a dear Soul Sister and just have to share its Divine beauty with you as my featured miracle!... What a truly glorious moment captured of Nature's splendour!... I'm in absolute awe!... ♥ The source of this incredible photo is unknown to me.   With love and wonder-filled spirit, … [Read more...]



The Spirit of Whirlwinds!... I've been seeing so many whirlwinds lately, outdoors and in my sleep dreams as well... and I've never seen snow whirlwinds until this Winter either!... They have a very special significance to me that I share on my website, and will share here...From my heart I share this personal story with you, so you may be inspired by how incredibly Divine and beautiful our world truly is. It is so much more expansive and multi-dimensional than we can imagine. When we're in … [Read more...]



After a very powerful Equinox, the course of my path is now taking me into the greater unknown (!)... which I'm so ready for! That said, I might not be able to post a "Miracle of the Day" as I have been for a set amount of consecutive days, so... I'm changing it up a bit to flow more naturally with my journey... I will post them as life allows me to... and hope you'll continue to enjoy them!... And so today's featured miracle involves sacred places on our beloved Mother Earth!... There … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 33 of 33)


Rainbows have had such a powerful presence in my life, always guiding me... and very much so in the past few months... I'm honouring them by "hugging" this 2nd cycle of miracles with Rainbows (it began with a triple Rainbow and will end with a multiple Rainbow!). I'm always amazed by where they show up! This one in the photo was in the kitchen sink. I happened to go to the kitchen late afternoon for a glass of water and the sun was shining at the perfect angle through the window, through a … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 32 of 33)


I find tree bark so beautiful and fascinating... When we think about how each tree started out as a seed... then a sapling with a smooth stem... and eventually a hardy tree with a trunk covered in its own unique bark pattern... so miraculous! Every tree's bark is like its own fingerprint - complete with their own decorative and colourful lichens and mosses... and sometimes fungus as well. Some might even show signs of being scratched by bear claws or deer antlers, or being scorched by … [Read more...]