♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 15 of 33)


I always marvel at the perfect masterpieces found throughout Nature... some obvious, some not so obvious. Hoarfrost is probably my favourite phenomenon of the Winter season... it transforms everything into crystalline beauty. While everything covered in hoarfrost is awe-inspiring from a distance, looking at it up close is even more "wow"... The most intricate little crystals cover the fine branches, seeds and dried grasses, in lace-like formations... and depending on various factors, the … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 14 of 33)


The Divine elixirs and pigments found in plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables... that are lovingly combined into the most exquisitely sensual and delicious products for our bodies!... We can create our own,... or purchase such products... I mostly purchase these pure, natural, organic, products for my body. Every time I use them, every cell sings and all my senses delight in the experience! They feel and smell sooooo Divine!... Nature's delights in little packages! When we use products that … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 13 of 33)


Every sunrise and sunset, when the sky is visible, it beautifully displays the softest colours of the rainbow... have you ever noticed? I remember the first time I really took notice of this... It was over a decade ago on an early morning flight that allowed me to watch the sky as the sun was rising... The colours were so vibrant from that latitude and I was so in awe to see the rainbow colours appear, infusing what had been a night sky... from soft red at the horizon and going up... … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 12 of 33)


For some, today's featured "Miracle of the Day" might feel very uncomfortable or repulsive... but... SNAKE showed up today, 3 times (!), on this Full Moon, in the most UNexpected way!... and the timing of it with my personal journey is TRULY incredible... Snake is probably the animal with the most controversy, paradox and mysticism, throughout history. However, from a Shamanic point of view, it's a very potent Messenger, Teacher, Power Animal... and showing up 3 times is also … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 11 of 33)


I find it so beautiful when we're able to actually see the sun's rays shining bright - radiating out in all directions of the sky, thanks to particular clouds... I always find it special to see them. It gives us the visible, grander perspective of the sun and how it touches us in so many ways, including providing inspiration... It's simply magnificent... ♥ With love and wonder-filled spirit, … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 10 of 33)


I've had a special connection with Thunderstorms for as long as I can remember. I have scrapbooks of paintings I created when I was in Kindergarten and most of them feature dark storm clouds with a happy-face sun and a rainbow. In 2012, I lost count of how many intense Thunderstorms I had the pleasure of experiencing, not only in this province, but also during my travels, inlcuding in Sedona and Chandler, AZ in September and again in Little Rock, AR in December! This past week … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 9 of 33)


Time(ing) and space... I absolutely love experiencing and witnessing the mystical, expansive, greater truth of life... it's so delightful and awe-inspiring!... I'll share a fun example that I experienced today that demonstrated this once again (and always makes me smile)... I had several things on my "to do" list but in no particular order of importance... I chose to listen to the recording of a call I didn't attend live yesterday... I had no idea how long the call would be. I lit a tea … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 8 of 33)


I had the pleasure of watching (with awe) the incredible displays of FEARLESSNESS by local Grey Squirrels...! They're North America's version of the monkey,... jumping, scampering, leaping from tree to tree and hanging every which way precariously from branches - and bird feeders too!... They just go for it, never pausing for a moment's contemplation... with absolute trust in their abilities to accomplish what they have their focus on (no safety net to catch them if they fall!)...! Imagine … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 7 of 33)


Divinely glorious NATURE... Being Nature ourselves, it only makes perfect sense that this is our sacred place to return to when we feel the need to take a break from everyday life... from a small garden to an expansive environment... Whether we desire to simply be, to relax, to re-center, to clear our minds, to acquire a new perspective, to invigorate our bodies, to rejuvenate our souls, to open our hearts, to feel our connection with All, to experience the Divine's expression through each … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 6 of 33)


Heading back from a family visit that was extended due to a big blizzard, I was suddenly faced with a ridiculously snow-bound section of the road leading up to the house!... Having driven for almost 2 hours and SO close to my destination, I decided to keep going... I was truly amazed to see that my little Suzuki SX4 was able to go through it!... The snow drifts were JUST low enough and not hardened yet on this -38C day (with the windchill), to allow for my car to plow through! I felt sooooo … [Read more...]