♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 21 of 33)

1Day 21

Divine timing - it always amazes me, time and time again! I ended up having a wonderful and unexpected late evening conversation with a Soul Sis who lives in Hawai'i... over one hour later, another Soul Sis I'm fortunate to have as a neighbour delivered my mail (this was an unusually late delivery). Imagine my surprise when I noticed a special package from Hawai'i - from Eva Annaluna whom I was still chatting with on the phone!!!   What was hilarious is that we'd even been … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 20 of 33)


Soaring on the magick carpet of Intuitive Guidance...! It's such a gift that we all have. Everything just FLOWS when I hand over the navigation to my intuition and give my mind a rest... The rewards of using our higher senses are always so "WOW!"!... I felt today was THE day to change as much as I could to my new legal name Lucille DancingWind, since I received my new driver's licence yesterday (as a photo id, it all starts from there!). I wanted to get to the passport office … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 19 of 33)


At one point today I was thinking about all the ways that Spirit communicates with us every day - they are so abundant and creative! While in the past people were well versed in using their other senses and reading Nature, nowadays we also spend a lot of time away from Nature and primarily focused on sight and hearing... and so numbers, songs, printed material, images, everything man-made has also become a means for Spirit to communicate to us... and numbers are a favourite! As I thought … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 18 of 33)


Do you see the wonderful Tree Spirit in this photo?... While I was having a great conversation with a dear Soul Sister, we ended up on the subject of Nature Spirits and the Elemental realm... Well, this beautiful Crab Apple tree is across from the picture window and I've looked at it hundreds of times and never saw a face in its trunk... until during that conversation today!... All of a sudden, it popped out at me so clearly, like a confirmation of what we were discussing!... the … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 17 of 33)


Do you know your Spirit Guides?... Among my many allies, I have these very joyful Elementals that I call my "Twinkly Fae" - they show up as bright little starlights of blue, purple or white around me when I'm "on track". They're like mini guiding lights on my journey and mini fireworks when celebrating! They sometimes appear as orbs, but more often as bright little lights. I absolutely love having them in my life - little miracles of loving light! They're the only Elementals I see with … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 16 of 33)


L-O-V-E !... Of all that exists, LOVE is the greatest Divine miracle of all! It is the source, the highest frequency energy, that enables all to manifest and exist... where there's love, there's miracles - in infinite forms!... I experienced love on so many levels today from so many... like a deluge of bliss!... (must be our Full Moon ;) )... it was quite obvious which miracle wanted to be featured today!... I wish you all an abundance of LOVE!... ♥ With love and wonder-filled … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 15 of 33)


(posted January 25th on Facebook) As I turned eastward to hike back to the house... there it was, shining brightly through the trees and aligned with the trail... the beautiful Moon!... it already looks full. Our Moon affects everything fluid and alive here on Earth in so many ways. Animals and plants are aware of the different lunar cycles and act accordingly for their benefit. For example, when I volunteered for 3 months in Costa Rica (sea turtle restoration project in 2002), the peak … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 14 of 33)


(posted January 24th on Facebook) Divinely intricate and beautiful snowflakes fell in great abundance on and around me... Since my parka and mittens are black, I was able to easily see their magnificent patterns as they landed on me, every one so unique... I love how they sparkle like diamonds in the light, reflecting colours of the rainbow. Every one a perfect little crystal. I tried to capture their beauty, but the close-ups didn't turn out... so I took distance photos... and they … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 13 of 33)


(posted January 23rd on Facebook) We are walking miracles - each and every one of us!... and we can be someone's incredible miracle also, whether we know it or not... A perfect example, although not typical... Walking back through a trail at dusk after witnessing a glorious sunset, I suddenly came face-to-face with a house cat... startled to see me, it suddenly let go of a mouse it had in its mouth!... the mouse fell to the ground motionless, and the cat walked over to great me, … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 12 of 33)


(posted January 22nd on Facebook) Interconnectedness... Although I'm fully aware that everything and everyone is connected, it always delights me to see the evidence of this! I experience it every day (as I'm sure all of you do!) and today was no exception... The best examples... A Soul Sister emailed me about something I was thinking about, and even included a link that ended up being exactly what I'd envisioned (and she didn't even know about my thoughts - totally intuitive!)... … [Read more...]