Miracles are LOVE, not a mystery…

Heart stone with daisies, Sedona AZ - photo by Lucille (c)

Divine love, which is the highest frequency of energy in the Universe, makes everything possible. When we align ourselves with it, and believe or know that anything is possible... we open our life to infinite possibilities, including miracles. We can all feel whether energy is "heavy" or uplifting, but don't necessarily realize it's due to different frequencies. We just know how it affects us. Higher frequencies feel good to us and promote well-being, while lower frequencies don't. The … [Read more...]

Wildlife: perfect for testing our frequency…

Red-Tailed Hawk - photo by Lucille (c)

We're complex beings as humans. So many aspects come together to just create our physical bodies. And all of it is beautiful energy - like everything that exists. Different frequencies affect us in different ways and understanding that can be used to our benefit. Energy can be defined into different wavelengths of vibration. Many of us experience a wide range within a 24 hour period depending on our lifestyle and if we sleep well. The brain itself has currently five known distinct waves … [Read more...]

The gift of silent stillness…

Hoarfrost-covered forest - photo by Lucille (c)

For the past two days, the natural world around me has been decorated by beautiful hoarfrost on every twig, dried blade of grass, evergreen  needle and more...  It is so exquisite to see these intricate crystals decorating everything so perfectly. Accompanying this divine beauty has been complete stillness.  Yesterday evening I went for a hike at dusk and fog was all around like a blanket, especially visible in the fields  surrounding the forest. For a while I sat silently on the snow at … [Read more...]

Play with your energy!

Heart-shaped prickly pear cactus. photo by Lucille (c)

Everything that exists is energy. By now, it's a well known fact. Science can measure it with all sorts of specialized tools - even the energy fields of our brains and hearts.  Did you know that our heart's energy field is stronger and bigger than that of our brain's? When we start our day filled with negativity, the entire day seems to revolve around that, especially if the words "It's going to be one of those days!" are uttered. That becomes a powerful intention, especially when combined … [Read more...]

Shine your brilliant diamond light!

Bimini Dolphin connection ~ photo by Lisa Denning (c)

My very first blog... it's time to connect with each other! To share who we truly are in our world, is the greatest gift we can give to each other - and ourselves. To not only acknowledge each others' individuality, but to also accept it without judgement and celebrate it, is also showing appreciation for the Divine's gift to us - life! Each one of us is here for a reason. On "Global Oneness Day" two weeks ago, I shared the stage with others at an event in celebration of that day.  That … [Read more...]