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Sacred Earth Connection®
promotes living a fully empowered life from your divine true nature,
while honouring the Sacred in all its forms.


This portal was created for YOU.
May you be guided to what will best serve you at this time,
   so you can experience the life you are meant to live!


The photograph of Lucille DancingWind with Hawk (above),
perfectly exemplifies Sacred Earth Connection® as a way of life,
in everyday life aligned with your own unique path!

The divinely-guided surprise journey that manifested it, 
demonstrates how amazing life is when you live fully empowered,
in trusting relationship with your divine alliances:
your wise sacred heart, Spirit and Nature.

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Your wise true nature beckons you!…    


Do you ever experience miracles "against all odds", or a flow of events that unfold like magick on your behalf–as if life is orchestrating to benefit you?...   


Do you notice the countless forms of support you have throughout all life (seen and unseen), guiding you every moment along your path of life, so that even challenges can reward you in soul-fulfilling ways?...    


Do you trust yourself and life, enough to follow your own heart, "gut feeling" or intuition–even when the guidance you receive doesn't "conform" or make logical sense?... 


This is your natural state of beingwhen your sacred true nature leads your life with higher awareness as a conscious co-creator, aligned and in harmony with the divinity that permeates all life.   


As the sacred union of (limitless) Spirit with (miraculous) Nature, you're meant to experience the mystical, the “impossible” and things that defy logic, supporting and enriching your everyday life–beyond mundane "limitations". 


It's the way of the heart and your birthright as a divinely designed human being.  


You're a unique expression of the Divine–no other has been created exactly like you. You are sacred and meant to be and live true you, "quirks" and all. Doing so not only benefits you tremendously, but countless others as a ripple effect (you're an integral part of the greater whole).     


Your heart desires and life path are uniquely yours, inviting you to honour them so you can experience the full potential of who you really are. It can require courage (sometimes a lot of it!), but you're never alone.      


Discover how you (and this world) are extraordinary beyond what you can imagine. The more you allow your sacred heart to lead, the more amazing and soul-fulfilling life is (challenges and all). Beyond "the box" is where the greatest rewards of living this life await you! 



This has been my way of life for decades and I’m dedicated to supporting you to live the life your heart invites you to courageously experience!


Begin your amazing journey below!



With great love and wonder-filled spirit,


Signature lucille






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